Meeting Organizer Window

Summit Meeting Organizer Meetings Tab

The Meeting Organizer is where you'll go to manage your entire collection of meetings. You can access it via the QuickStart window, the menu item within the Window menu or pressing Ctrl+2 for Windows or CMD+2 for macOS.

Initially you'll be at the Meetings tab that shows a listing of all your meetings on the top half of the window and the details of the selected meeting towards the bottom half of the window.

Use the meeting filter popup menu towards the top left of the window to condense down the meeting list. There are several options available...

All Meetings: This is the default option and will show you all of your meetings.

Meeting Last Week: This will show you the meetings that took place last week.

Meetings This Week: This option shows you the meetings to be held this week.

Meetings Next Week: This will show you the meetings that are scheduled for next week.

Note: When calculating weeks for the above options, take note that the beginning of the week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

To Be Invited: This option will show you meetings that have been built, but the meeting invitation has not been sent.

To Be Held: This will show you meetings that are to be held, regardless of the date.

To Be Recorded: This option will show you meetings that have occurred and the meeting minutes have not been sent.

To the far right of the meeting filter popup menu is the title search bar. Enter a word or entire title of a meeting to drill down to view meetings that contain the search term.

Next you'll find a section that shows a listing of your meetings. You can sort the data by clicking on the Meeting Date, Title or Attachments columns. 

The currently selected meeting will show you its read-only details in the bottom of the window.. You can click on any of the tabs to view specific information from the meeting including the general meeting info, agenda, decisions, action items and bin list.

Beneath the list of meetings you'll find several buttons to take action upon the selected meeting...

+ (Plus): Create a new meeting from scratch.

- (Minus): Delete the selected meeting.

Important Note: You will receive a confirmation prompt before the meeting is removed. Once deleted this action cannot be undone.

Create Next Meeting in Series: Use this button to create the next meeting in a series or project based upon the currently selected one. More information...

PRO Only: If you're using the PRO version of Summit, whether fully registered or within the 30-day trial, you can use the Create Next Meeting in Series button to save you time and duplication of work. Why reinvent the wheel every time, when Summit PRO can make things easier for you.

Open Meeting: Clicking this button will open the selected meeting. Use this button to view further details about a meeting, make modifications or perform various actions such as creating the next meeting in a series, creating an invitation or meeting minutes. Although these actions are doable from the Meeting Organizer, sometimes it's useful to view more details about the meeting before taking an action.

Create Invitation: This button will bring up the dialog to create a meeting invitation. More information...

Create Minutes: This button will bring up the dialog to create the meeting minutes. More information...

Show Attachments: Use this button to bring up a File Explorer window for Windows or Finder window for macOS that contains the attachments from the meeting. More information...

It's important to call out that these buttons are context sensitive and only the buttons that apply to the current selected meeting will be enabled. For example, if you've selected a meeting that has been built but hasn't occurred yet, the Create Minutes button will not be active.

Finally, be aware that you can select multiple meetings. In doing so, most button will become grayed out but this is useful if you need to delete or show attachments across several meetings.

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