Creating the Next Meeting in a Series

Summit Meeting Summary Create Next Meeting in Series Button

Many times you have a meeting that happens weekly, in a series or as part of an ongoing project. With Summit, there's never a need to reinvent the wheel. Instead use a prior meeting as a template to create the next meeting in the series.

There are several ways to do this with the first being when you reopen a meeting and the Meeting Summary appears. Normally at the end of a session you will find a button to Send Meeting Minutes and after doing so, the next time you open the meeting, a Create Next Meeting in Series button will be shown.

Summit Meeting Create Next Meeting in Series Button

Alternatively, if you Cancel the Meeting Summary, you will find a Create Next Meeting in Series button to the far left of the main button bar.

Summit Meeting Organizer Create Next Meeting in Series Button

And of course, you can perform this action directly from the Meeting Organizer via an identical looking icon within the button bar beneath your list of meetings.

Summit Create Next Meeting in Series Dialog

Pressing any of the buttons will bring up the Create Next Meeting in Series dialog that includes several options...

  • Copy Unfinished Agenda Items: Enable this option to carry over unfinished (unchecked) agenda items from the prior meeting to the new one. Otherwise if the agenda is static or is the same from meeting to meeting, turn this option off to copy all agenda items.

  • Location/Address Cleared: You have the option of clearing or retaining the Location/Address from the prior session. This option is useful if the meeting always happens in the same room, building or location. Otherwise if the location changes every session, turn this option on.

  • Meeting Logistics Cleared: You have the option of clearing or retaining the Meeting Logistics from the prior meeting. If the online meeting logistics don't change, such as using your own personal room or company conference logistics, turn this option off. Otherwise in most cases, if the online conference changes with each session then you should turn this option on.

PRO Only: If you're using the PRO version of Summit, whether fully registered or within the 30-day trial, you can take advantage of the Create Next Meeting in Series functionality. Why spend time recreating a meeting from scratch when Summit can streamline your workflow and help you move on to other important tasks within your day.

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