Cost Savings & Efficiencies

Not only does Summit make your life easier, it can save you money and make meetings more efficient.

Save Money

Shorter Meetings

With project managers costing on average $49/hr USD*, having a meeting with nine other colleagues quickly adds up.

Saving even 10 minutes per meeting, could mean thousands of dollars saved over the year.
* ZipRecruiter as of Dec 24, 2023

Nothing Forgotten

Depending upon your business, having an action required (AR), also known as an action item, become forgotten or go uncompleted, could mean hundreds to millions of dollars to your bottom line.

Summit helps avoid this situation by making sure all action items are accounted for and that they are properly communicated to attendees.

Better Time Management

The folks running meetings are often some of the more senior and higher paid employees within an organization.

Help them become more productive and spend less time doing administrative functions with Summit. By doing so, you can maximize their impact for their projects and your organization.

Save Time

Save Time

Spend substantially less time preparing for meetings and sending out meeting minutes.

Never again spend a half an hour or more to collect your notes, thoughts and important aspects of a meeting to create the meeting minutes.

Instead use Summit to quickly and easily generate the meeting agenda, minutes and the next meeting in a series.

Improve Results

Never have important decisions, action items or future topics fall through the cracks. Use Summit to easily capture these items and more during the meeting.

Track attendance, not just as a nudge to attend the meeting, but also so that everyone comprehends who was present for followup after the meeting.

Improve Results
Enhance Team Performance

Enhance Team Performance

Ensure attendees are ready to deliver by tracking action items and performing followups in future meetings.

Action items no longer become a scramble, as they are captured and sent out in a timely manner ensuring that attendees have ample time to complete before the next meeting.

Boost Communication

A best practice done by business professionals who excel, is to send out meeting minutes within 24 hours of the meeting being held.

No longer procrastinate sending out agendas or minutes when you can rapidly craft and send them out with the help of Summit.

Boost Communication
Less Stressful Meetings

Less Stressful Meetings

Use Summit to ensure that attendees know in advance what meeting topics are going to be discussed and what action items they might be accountable for.

By using Summit, attendees are never surprised, which leads to better meeting outcomes and less stress for all involved.

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