Summit vs. Others

There's nothing else quite like Summit. It's a unique product that's founded on proven meeting management principles that are used throughout highly successful organizations.

How Summit is Better Than the Competition

Traditional Writing

Traditional Writing

Writing out meeting notes in traditional long-form is slow and tedious. Not only do you need to write down your thoughts during the meeting, but you then need to transcribe them for the minutes.

And without the help of Summit, you need to enlist a meeting participate to be your time keeper, thereby reducing your overall meeting efficiency.

Cloud Solutions

Most meeting software lives in the Cloud. Summit is different in that that it lives on your computer, not someone else's server.

This means that you're always ready to succeed, wherever you are and regardless of your connection to the Internet.

Cloud Solutions
Higher Costs

Higher Costs

Other meeting solutions can cost a business thousands of dollars a year for use only by a small number of users. These solutions also typically require a subscription. 

Summit changes the playing field. If you want to pay a single one-time price, you can. Or if you want a no-contract subscription that you can cancel at anytime, then Summit is for you.

Reduce your meeting management costs and choose Summit in whatever licensing form you desire. 


With Summit, your data lives on your own computer. Your meetings are never transferred to the Cloud or analyzed for marketing purposes.

You're always in control of your sensitive data. Only you determine who can see it. Your business strategies, products under development and intel on the competition is safe from prying eyes.


Pick a Winner with Summit

Don't settle for lesser than solutions from Fellow, Hugo, Range, Lucid Meetings, or Magic Minutes that don't meet your needs.

Experience all that Summit has to offer and begin improving your meetings starting today.


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