Sending the Invitation

Summit Invitation Button

Once you have added one or more agenda items to your meeting, the Create Invitation (calendar) button will become available within the meeting button bar. Continue adding agenda items until you're done.

Note: If you choose to send the meeting invitation later, you will also find the Create Invitation button within the Meeting Organizer beneath the list of meetings.

Summit Create Invitation Dialog

The Create Invitation dialog will appear. First select the email & calendar ecosystem that you're using via the Email & Calendar Apps popup menu. Next determine which options you'll want to have enabled...

Location/Address: You can decide to have the location/address included in the meeting invite. If the meeting is online only, you may want to have this information excluded. Or if your calendar app has a dedicated field for this data you may also want to include it.

Meeting Logistics: You can decide to have the meeting logistics included or not. Just like with the location/address data above, you may want to exclude this information if your meeting is face-to-face only or include it if your calendar program has a dedicated field for this info.

Now use the buttons on the right to copy data from Summit to your clipboard for pasting into a new calendar event within your favorite calendar app. The buttons copy the following information...

Copy Email Addresses: Summit will generate email addresses based upon the attendees you've invited to the meeting within Summit. Email address formats vary from one program to the next which is why you should select the proper email & calendar apps from the popup menu on the left.

Copy Invitation Title: This will copy the meeting's title to your clipboard.

Copy Invitation Body: The invitation body will include the meeting purpose, role assignments, agenda and any carry over actions required and bin list items.

How does all this work in a step-by-step fashion? It's easy...

  1. Press the Copy Email Addresses button to copy the addresses to your clipboard.

  2. Switch to your calendar app and paste the addresses into the address field of a new calendar event.

  3. Return to Summit and press the Copy Invitation Title button.

  4. Next go back to your calendar app and paste the title into the title field of the calendar event.

  5. Return to Summit and press the Copy Invitation Body button.

  6. Finally return to your calendar app and paste the body into the body/notes section of the calendar item.

  7. Make any final adjustments to the calendar event and then send it.

Are you more of a visual person? Press the Show Me How button within the Create Invitation dialog to view a short video on this process.

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