Starting a Meeting

Summit Meeting Organizer Open Meeting

When you're ready for the meeting to begin, launch Summit and go to the Meeting Organizer via the QuickStart window, the menu item within the Window menu or pressing Ctrl+2 for Windows or CMD+2 for macOS.

Note: You can quickly sort through your meetings using the meeting filter popup menu towards the top left of the window or using the search field towards the top right. In this particular case it might be easiest to select the "To be held" option within the popup menu.

Once you have found the meeting, double click the meeting row to open it or use the Open  (square with arrow pointing out) button found beneath the list of the meetings.

Summit Meeting Play Button

Once the meeting has opened, press the Play button to start the meeting.

Important Note: You may not want to start the meeting until the actual meeting start time. As soon as the meeting starts, time tracking begins. In order to keep you properly on track, you shouldn't press the Play button too many minutes before or after the scheduled start time. Otherwise, your meeting will end too early or too late.

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