Crafting an Agenda

Summit Agenda Tab

After adding attendees, click the Agenda tab. This is where you will craft the heart of your meeting.

You can add out-of-the-box agenda items from the Agenda Builder section by selecting a category and item and then pressing the include (down arrow) button to add to your agenda. Once added, you can modify the topic and details to your liking. The Agenda Builder can be extremely useful for ice breakers or to give you some inspiration for agenda topics.

Much of the time though, you will want to add in your own custom agenda items by pressing the + (plus) button. After doing so, you'll want to enter a topic title and related details about the agenda item. When running a meeting, only the topic will be shown but you can hover your mouse over the topic to see the details as a tooltip.

Regardless of how you create your agenda item, the next thing you'll want to do is assign a presenter or owner for the topic via the Attendee Presenters popup menu. You can assign multiple people as presenters if you desire. Additionally you can assign a team or multiple teams as presenters to the agenda item via the Team Presenters popup menu.

Important Note: The team popup menu will only include teams based upon the attendees you've selected for the meeting. As an example, if you have the following people included in your meeting...

Sally (Team A)
Sam (Team B)
Eduardo (Team C)
Arial (Team B)

Then you will only see Team A, Team B and Team C listed in the Team popup menu. Within the Meeting Organizer if you have a Team D, this team will not be shown unless you invite someone from this team to the meeting.

Finally, set a duration for the agenda item using the text fields, small arrows or the quick select duration (gear) button.

You can add additional agenda items or press the - (minus) button to remove one. As you add agenda items to fill out your meeting, progress bars will be added to the top of the window, proportional to the amount of time allotted to the agenda item. Visually you can quickly see how much time you have remaining in the meeting. Or for more precise details, you'll find a status line to the lower right of the Agenda table informing you if you're under, over or exactly at your meeting duration when all the agenda item times are added up. In the screenshot above this is labeled "Done and no remaining time for meeting".

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