Finding Help Within Summit

Summit 'i' Button

You will find help and hints throughout Summit across several different ways.

The first is that you'll find i buttons scattered through the interface. In almost all cases you can either hover your mouse over the button or click it to view  a tooltip. The exception is the i button next to the main meeting buttons. This one is only clickable and will bring up a help window detailing the usage of each of the buttons.

Summit Tooltips and Hints

The second avenue for help is that almost all of the controls within Summit's interface have tooltips. Simply hover your mouse cursor over something and you'll get a bit more info via a tooltip.

The final component to assist you along the way is that many of the sections or tables within Summit will have some help text if the table is empty.

And of course it goes without saying, the Support section at Ministry of Bits is always here to help.

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