Using Attachments

Summit Attachments Button

In the right half of the main meeting button bar you will find the Attach Files (paperclip) button. Just like the Time Settings button, this button can be accessed when building a meeting as well as when running a meeting. Use this button to attach files to the meeting or view files already attached.

Summit Attachments Dialog

Within this dialog you can attach files in one of two ways...

  1. + (Plus) Button: Press this button to bring up an open dialog to select one or more attachments to add to the meeting.

  2. Drag-and-Drop: You can select files within the File Explorer under Windows or the Finder under macOS and drag them onto the attachments dialog. You will see a drop target and the files will be added to your meeting.

    Important Note: In order to keep your meeting and related documents together, adding attachments will copy them to a meeting specific attachments folder for the meeting. Be aware of this action when attaching extremely large attachments as this will consume more disk space and might take a few moments for the operation to complete.

And just like the rest of Summit you can press the - (Minus) Button to remove the currently selected attachment. The next two buttons are as follows...

Open Attachment (Square with Arrow) Button: Pressing this button will open the selected attachment in the default application for the attachment file type/extension. Use this to bring up important meeting related documents during the meeting such as presentations, spreadsheets or other collateral.

Show Attachment Folder (Folder) Button: If you ever want to show the folder where your meeting attachments reside, press this button. This will allow you to update the attachments or add them to your meeting minutes or other communications.

The attachments dialog supports multiple selections including removing or opening multiple files at a time.

Summit Create Minutes Dialog Attachments Button

Your file attachments will also come in handy when sending out your invitation and meeting minutes. At the time of creating your invitation or generating your meeting minutes, if the meeting has attachments, then the Show Attachments (Paperclip) Button will be shown. This will allow you to view the meeting attachments and add them to your calendar invitation or email message.

Summit Meeting Organizer Attachments Button

The final spot where you manage your attachments is within the Meeting Organizer. You will find a Show Attachments (Paperclip) Button towards the bottom of the list of meetings. Pressing this button will bring up a File Explorer window under Windows or Finder window under macOS.

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