Restarting a Meeting

Summit Restart Meeting Button

Towards the middle of the main meeting button bar you will find the Restart Meeting (Circular Arrow) Button. This button will only be enabled when a meeting is underway.

Pressing this button will allow you to restart the meeting and you will receive a prompt to determine how to proceed...

  • Restart Entirely From Scratch: Restart the clock from the beginning. If the meeting was scheduled for 60 minutes, after restarting it will begin with 60 mins. This option can be useful if you can go over the original end time or if you started the meeting too early and are restarting it at time.

  • Restart With the Remaining Time: Restart the meeting minus the time already consumed. If the meeting was scheduled for 60 minutes and you've already consumed 10 minutes, then after restarting, the meeting will only have 50 minutes remaining. This option can be useful if the meeting started late for some reason and you want to carry on, but have the meeting end on time. This may lead to some agenda items not having enough time to complete.

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