Managing Teams

Summit Meeting Organizer Teams Tab

The final tab at the top of the Meeting Organizer is the Teams tab where you view all your team assignments as well as seamlessly make team changes.

Just like the other tabs, you'll find a search field to narrow down your list of teams by matching the team name to the search term.

And beneath the search field is a Teams section that lists all of the teams you've added to Summit. Like the rest of the Summit interface, you'll find buttons to perform various actions including + (plus), - (minus) and Rename Team (pencil).

Once you've added your first team, you can then use the + (plus) and - (minus) buttons beneath the Team Members table to modify who is included in the team.

Important Note: Attendees can only belong to a single team. As such when adding team members, only attendees without a team will be shown.

PRO Only: If you're using the PRO version of Summit, whether fully registered or within the 30-day trial, you can take advantage of all that the team feature offers. Let Summit PRO help you to succeed by spending less time managing attendees and instead use teams to supercharge your workflow.

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