Setting Your Preferences

Summit Settings Window

Make Summit your own by setting your own preferences. Find the Settings... menu item under the Edit menu under Windows or under the App menu (Summit) under macOS. There are various options to adjust Summit to your liking and to speed up your workflow...

  • Startup window: Determine what window should be presented after Summit launches. You have the option of the QuickStart (default), the Meeting Organizer, or New Meeting window.

  • After last meeting window closes (Windows only): This option determines what should happen when the last meeting window is closed. Maybe you want to return to the QuickStart or Meeting Organizer window, or simply close Summit entirely.

  • Default meeting duration: Use this to set your default meeting duration when creating new meetings.

  • Default agenda item duration: Use this to set your default agenda item duration when creating new agenda items.

  • Time settings: Use this to set your default Time Settings when creating new meetings.

  • Bring to front: Set whether or not you desire the Summit window to come to the front at time warnings & time limits, just at time limits or never.

  • Personalization: Use this option to change the name or email address you entered the first time you launched Summit. This information is used to add you to meetings as a facilitator.

  • Attribution: By default Summit will automatically include an attribution footnote in your meeting invitations and meeting minutes. Use this checkbox to turn on/off this attribution.

    PRO Only: If you're using the PRO version of Summit, whether fully registered or within the 30-day trial, you can turn off the attribution checkbox. Otherwise if you're using the Lite version of Summit you must include attribution in your invitations and meeting minutes.

  • Updates: Use this checkbox to turn on/off automatic updates of Summit.

  • Reset: Press this button if you've changed some of Summit's settings and want to return to the defaults.

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