Deactivating Your License


Deactivating your license for Summit is also a simple process...

  1. Click the License... menu item.

    Windows: This is found under the Help menu within a meeting window or the Meeting Organizer window.

    macOS: This is found under the App (Summit) menu.

  2. Click the Deactivate License button.

  3. Click the Deactivate button at the prompt confirming your deactivation.

Be aware that deactivating a computer requires access to the Internet. If the Internet is not available at the time of deactivation, the action will fail and you'll want to try again once you're connected to the Internet. For additional troubleshooting please see the Activation Issues page where these details will also apply to deactivation.

If at any point you run into an issue deactivating your license, feel free to reach out to us for assistance via our Contact page. We'll respond to you as quickly as we can and take all possible measures to find a solution to your issue.

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