Activation Issues


There are a couple of things to check when having activation issues....

  1. Do you have Internet access at activation time?

    In order to activate your license, you must have access to the Internet. If you do not, try again once you're back on the Internet.

  2. Do you have Internet access for your subscription?

    During the course of your subscription, Summit will periodically check and confirm your subscription status and any expiration.

  3. Do you have a firewall or other outbound network security product that could be suppressing activation?

    If you're using security tools such as Little Snitch, NetLimiter or something similar, allow access to the domain for activations.

  4. Activation Failed: The product key has reached the maximum number of activations. (Code: 40)
    Deactivate computers in use to free up activations or purchase additional licenses.

    4.1. Deactivate a license on a different computer to free up a licensing slot.
    4.2 Purchase additional licenses to expand the number of computers you can run Summit PRO on.
    4.3 Contact us if you're having problems deactivating your license and need to clear all activations.

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