Understanding Meeting States

Summit Meeting State

By now you've likely seen various meeting states and you might be wondering what they all mean. Here's a rundown of all the possible states and their meanings...

  • Build: The meeting has been created and is ready to be crafted with details, attendees and agenda items. Once the cumulative time for your agenda items match the meeting duration, the state will change to Invite.

  • Invite: The meeting has been created and is ready for attendees to be invited. Press the Create Invitation (calendar) button within the meeting window or Meeting Organizer to create the invitation.

  • Ready: The meeting is ready to be started in the future. Return to the meeting via the Meeting Organizer and press the Play button to begin the meeting when ready.

  • Underway: The meeting has started and is commencing. Use the End Meeting (square) button to end the meeting and progress to the Minutes state. 

  • Minutes: The meeting has ended and is ready for minutes to be sent out via the Create Minutes (note) button.

  • Done: All meeting phases have completed and no further action is needed.

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